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The National Cherry Festival is a major regional event which puts Young and the Hilltops Region on the map. This harvest festival draws people Australia wide and overseas visitors to experience the harvest of our delicious cherries and an opportunity to enjoy all that Hilltops offers. One of the most important parts of our festival is the Cherry Queen and King Competition. It is deeply imbedded in the town’s history and the annual crowning ceremony remains to this day a popular attraction. 

The competition identifies a person who is able to fill the role of an ambassador for Young and Hilltops Region from the crowning ceremony in December through to the National Cherry Festival the following year. This voluntary role is not arduous, although title holders are required to take part in several events post crowning, including attending monthly National Cherry Festival meetings. 

For entrants, involvement in the competition offers an opportunity for greater community involvement, to help your favourite cause or local club and to be awarded a prestigious title and win a wonderful prize. Former entrants have welcomed the chance to get to know others in the competition and to further their knowledge of the community and increase their confidence and skills. 

Each entrant will choose a local charity, not for profit community-based club or service provider in the Hilltops Region and organise a minimum of one fundraising event

Entrants are judged at each of the arranged events and judging is done by mystery judges and on your entrant portfolio.

If you are interested in taking part in the competition in 2022, please download the guilelines here or email

Since 1949, as part of the National Cherry Festival there is the Cherry King and Queen Competition. Over the years, there has been some minor changes to this competiton, but the crux of it is to raise funds for a local charity and immerse yourself into the Young and Hilltops communities. 

The competition is one of the best known festures of the festival, and has been instrumental in raising funds for local charities and organisations. 

The National Cherry Festival Committee have compiled a list of past Cherry Kings and Queens. The committee understand that this list may not be 100% accurate and ask that if there is inaccurate information in the list, please contact the Young Visitor Information Centre on 1800 628 233 or


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