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Young presents cherry growers with two of the most important ingredients vital to growing this exclusive fruit successfully. Firstly, its temperature. Cherries need approximately 1,400 chill hours at 7 Degrees Celsius or lower so that the fruit sets correctly for most varieties.

Most importantly, it’s the rich red granite soils of Young and the surrounding district. The area’s ancient soils date back millions of years and are not only fertile but also allow moisture to drain away quickly, presenting optimum growing conditions for cherries. The low rainfall during the harvest season in November and December also results in superior fruit.

There are a large number of varieties to choose from to extend the season from early November until late December. Cherries vary in colour – from white to red to black. Cherries are a fruit that have always been admired and sort after by people for thousands of years. They are still one of the few fruits that are truly seasonal and are better value per weight than chocolate.


Early Varieties

  • Supreme // sweet
  • Merchant // well balanced acid & sweet
  • Vista // tart

Mid-Season Varieties 

  • Ron’s Seedling // dark red, firm and sweet
  • Stella // sweet
  • Van // sweet to tart big flavour


Late Season Varieties

  • Bing, Sweetheart // sweet
  • Sylvia, Lipins, Simone // sweet varieties
  • Black Douglas // sweet, juicy, firm dark flesh


Pick Your Own & Orchards

Our local area offers a wonderful selection of orchards where you can sample and purchase fresh cherries, stonefruit and other produce.

Please refer to the lists below for details for both ‘pick-your-own’ orchards as well as orchards where you can buy cherries throughout the season.

Please contact the Young Visitor Information Centre for the latest update on the Cherries and Stonefruit Season and opening times.

Pick Your Own / Shed Sales list & map 2021

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