About the National Cherry Festival

Get ready for an explosion of colour and excitement at the 2024 National Cherry Festival – an event that promises not just a good time, but unforgettable moments that you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Will the record for the longest Pip Spit be shattered this year? Who’s stepping up to claim the title of the 2024 Cherry Pie Eating Champion?

These important questions need to be answered!  So come dive headfirst into the festivity and make memories that will be reminisced about for years to come.

The countdown to action is on, and we’re eagerly awaiting your arrival to ignite the festivities and get the party started.

Sing your heart out, groove to the beats of live music, be awestruck by the dazzling fireworks, become a part of the colourful parade and for those who are curious about cherries why not try your hand at cherry picking. Or, if ‘do it yourself’ is not for you, then enjoy the freshly picked cherries available at our orchard stalls.

Oh, and parking woes? They’re a thing of the past with our convenient continuous courtesy bus looping between the Showground, Caravan Park, and Library.

And after all the action of Saturday, don’t even think about hitting the snooze button or you will miss the Big Breakfast on Sunday morning in Anderson Park.  Share laughter and stories with the charismatic Bush Poets, and witness the talent of the Working Kelpies.

The 2024 National Cherry Festival is more than an event – it’s an experience waiting for you to join the festivities, and be a part of something special.

Your presence will be the cherry on top of an already amazing celebration.

See you there!

About the Community of Young

a Young, nestled in the heart of the Hilltops Region, a mere two-hour drive from the Canberra and just 4 hours from Sydney, invites you to bid farewell to the routine of shopping malls, and step into the sunlight of Young’s ‘main street’. Here, you’ll find exclusive boutiques that beckon you to spoil yourself with unique finds. Pamper yourself at hair and beauty salons that cater to your every need, and then treat yourself to lunch at one of the many eateries and coffee shops.

Young and the Hilltops region is home to top-tier gourmet butchers, award winning coffee, award winning wines, amazing local honey, jams, sauces and relishes and all sorts of gourmet treats and not to mention a treasure trove of homewares to spark your creativity.

And while you are in Anderson Park, don’t miss a visit to the Information Centre housed within the impressive 1885 railway station building.  Here, is where we bring you a taste of the entire region with a well stock pantry of local produce. You can delve into the town’s rich history and take on the Heritage Walks that give a glimpse into the past. Marvel at the architecture of our churches, banks, and official buildings, each telling its own story of days gone by.

Our Town Hall, the largest in country New South Wales, with a clock tower that stands as a magnificent WW1 War memorial. Let your imagination wander back in time as you learn that this very spot was once home to the 1889 generating station, marking Young as the pioneer of electricity supply in the British Empire – preceding even the capitals of the world.

And did you know? Young played a pivotal role in shaping Australia’s political landscape. In 1904, the nation’s first national Labor Government was led by Chris Watson, a representative hailing from Young.

As you prepare to venture into the heart of Young, let your curiosity guide you. The stories of our town are waiting to be shared, the local produce ready to be savored, and the Cherry Festival ready to be enjoyed.

Discover more about the charm of Young – a town that invites you to explore, engage, and experience – a town like no other.

Come share Young and our Hilltops Region with us,
at the best time of year!

We will see you at the 2024 National Cherry Festival

Welcome and Enjoy!

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