About the National Cherry Festival

Will the longest Pip Spit record be broken again this year? Who will be the 2022 Cherry Pie Eating Champion? Whose head will hold the Cherry King/Queen Crown and the big question- how fast and how clean can you pick a lug of Cherries?

There are so many questions, so many answers, and so much fun and entertainment in store at the 2022 National Cherry Festival. We, the organizers of this year’s event would love you to come to the festival and we hope you have a blast. We cannot wait for action to start and we hope you will get involved in everything we have planned. Don’t hold back, just go with the flow.

If you can sing then busk, dance to the live music, wonder at the fireworks, join in the parade, marvel at the tattoo. If you love cherries as we do, try your hand at picking your own, or purchase delicious freshly picked and lovingly packed in the carton from orchard stalls. Ditch the car and use our continuous courtesy bus which will pick up on a loop from the Showground, Caravan Park and Library

Don’t forget the Big Breakfast on Sunday morning in Anderson Park. We will see you there with the Bush Poets and the Working Kelpies 

About Young

Young is in the heart of the Hilltops Region, less than two hours’ drive from Canberra. The town offers the amenities of an urban centre, award-winning coffee, scrumptious eateries near formal parks and lakes along the creek.

Leave shopping malls behind and step into the sunlight of Young’s vibrant center, with exclusive boutiques, hair and beauty salons, three supermarkets, top-level gourmet butchers, and great home-wares and DIY shopping.

Visit the Information Centre, in the elegant 1885 railway station building, to ask about the town’s Heritage Walks, combing exercise with interest for history-lovers. Note the architectural styles of our fine churches, banks and official buildings.

The Town Hall is the largest in country NSW, its clock tower a magnificent WW1 War memorial. It’s on the site of the 1889 generating station; Young had the first electricity supply in the British Empire: before the State Capitals, even before London. In 1904 Australia’s (and the world’s) first national Labor Government was led by the member for Young, Chris Watson.

Read more about Young here.   

We think Young and the Hilltops region is a great place to live,

and we want to share our town and its harvest, our delicious fruit, wine, food and festival with you all.

Welcome and Enjoy!

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