In December Cherry King David Munnerley was all smiles when crowned at the 70th National Cherry Festival in the Hilltops regional town of Young.

The vivacious local has always delighted in the annual harvest festival and entered the competition to raise funds for the Hilltops Suicide Prevention Network.

When crowned king, David enthusiastically embraced his role as ambassador and engaged in a string of festival engagements which led to extra community appearances over the ensuing weeks.

He opened an art exhibition and officiated at a head shave.

When asked, he even wore his crown to work for a day.

Now, while towns and cities across Australia are locked down with the threat of COVID-19, he continues to be a positive presence, one of the friendly faces of the Young community.

His employer, South West Slopes Credit Union is an essential service and David offers a cheery welcome with the financial assistance he provides his many customers.  Delivered at the required social distance of course.

All those other planned National Cherry Festival community appearances are on hold for now, but he will be back out there as soon as he can.

Meanwhile David has a strong sense of pride in his hometown and retains a positive attitude about the future.

When he entered the Cherry King/Queen Competition last year he was asked what he liked best about the region.

“Community spirit,” he answered. “I like the way everyone knows each other and looks after each other when in need. We set a great example of what a community should be about.”

It’s a quality the Cherry King and others living in Hilltops will be demonstrating in the weeks and months ahead.